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Devon defined a new market category, co-founding Blo, the world’s first and largest franchise chain of Blow Dry Bars. Born from her second-year university project, the company spans four countries, with 90+ locations, and has collaborated with international mega-brands like Mattel, Guess, Topshop and Gwenyth Paltrow. The genius Blo concept sparked what quickly became the fastest growing category in the beauty business. 

PROFIT Magazine named her 1 of the 30 most fabulous entrepreneurs in Canada and was awarded Business in Vancouver's 2017 'Top Forty Under 40'. She was the youngest-ever mentor to join Futurpreneur, Canada’s leading youth mentorship program, and now sits on its board of directors. Her story has been published by McGraw-Hill into Canadian business school curriculum. 

Her resolute disposition for leadership shows up in all facets of her life. She was assaulted in two unrelated incidents at 18 and then again at 21. Right after launching Blo, she went through the ensuing judicial process that eventually led to two guilty pleas, and was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Depression, and Anxiety. Still, she soars. Her trade secrets? A stockpile of grit and gratitude. Advocacy and activism are in her blood and bones. She has served as a board member to (WAVAW) Women Against Violence Against Women, and in 2017 launched a community-driven editorial platform and inclusive resource, curated with women in mind, for all those affected by sexual trauma. Canada's Minister of The Status of Women recognized her during Women's History Month for her contributions to the progress and well-being of women.

She's built a reputation for herself by challenging the status quo. After a decade of supporting hundreds of creatives, professionals, start-ups, and Founders in articulating and realizing their goals, she has set her sights on disrupting the personal-development landscape. Her newest venture, Sphere, is a first-to-market technology enhancing the experience of personal coaching, by transforming the way Guidance is accessed and delivered. The revolutionary platform, powered by smart technology, unites a global ecosystem of Seekers to the best-fit Guides for them and facilitates the sessions end to end. Sphere makes the experience of personal coaching customized, convenient and totally approachable. Because, for Devon, growth is the only goal. 


only for the courageous.

Spark a new way of thinking about, and understanding, victimhood.

All around the world when we experience trauma, we are told not to let what happened to us define us. ‘You. are. not. your. story’. Popular beliefs surrounding victimhood are limiting, and perpetuate a culture of self-consciousness, scarcity and powerlessness, instead of self-awareness and emotional richness. Statistics of violent crime point to a painful truth: in every workplace, school, neighborhood, and family - there are survivors of rape, assault and abuse. It is time to rebrand victimhood, and cultivate a shared dialogue that is grounded in the reality of what life is like post-trauma. Both for survivors, and the people who love them. A dialogue for humanity.  

time to get uncomfortable.

The secret sauce to livingly intrepidly. Discomfort is the key to helping yourself, your business, and your relationships.

Most of us would like to think we’re up for anything. The fact is the fear of discomfort is one of the greatest barriers to entry as it relates to developing as a communicator. Because, ultimately, what we are going to talk about, we must be prepared to feel. Without learning how to face these hard truths, we cannot elevate our relationships, advance our careers, achieve our dreams, or help ourselves. How you share, and how you listen, influences the outcome of everything you do. How would your life change if you woke up everyday, committed to communicating virtuously? One thing's for sure - it ain’t always gonna be comfy.

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