wwdd? – bringing it up, without popping 'balloons'

 Photo:  Hipster Mum

IRL Scenario > Her good friend runs a thriving events-based business, but lately she's heard from clients of said friend that they've felt their projects weren't as well executed as they usually are. She knows her business-owner friend is under a bit of stress but hasn't said anything about what she'd heard.

#WWDD > So many people are shy about what they feel like is confrontational. Typically I wouldn't suggest passing on hearsay, but when it might effect someone's livelihood - I think there is a way to share with integrity: I'd say: "I know you've been under pressure lately, but I've heard some info that you may or may not agree with and because I care about you I feel I have a responsibility to pass this on so you can assess it and respond if you deem it necessary."

Got something uncomfortable going on and not sure how to respond? Email me with subject '#WWDD' and you might find your solution here. 

The intention? To get us thinking — daily — about how the way we respond to discomfort lends broadly to social culture and more serious societal bystanderism. When we can respond to the little things with integrity, we will be able to handle the bigger stuff less passively and with more confidence and clarity.