i am uncomfortable. frequently. #lettersfromdev

This month, I launched myself into a bunch of inboxes with my first newsletter. While it may seem small, it felt like I just dropped my first single and some people actually bought it. In other words, the launch of that letter was my Beyoncé moment.

You may already have a bit of context about me, like: that I started my first business, Blo — which ignited a global market category — in university; I’ve been mentoring conscious entrepreneurs for almost a decade; I’ve been on some 30 under 30 lists, and I’ve got two gorgeous babies. The danger is, these “accomplishments” may seem like I have it all together. Let me put that fire out right quick: I don’t — and anyone who tells you they do is lying to you or missing the plot completely.

Shonda Rimes said it best in her commencement speech for a graduating class at Darmouth: “Whenever you see me succeeding in one area of my life, that almost certainly means that I am failing in another.” I’ve been talking about building myself a website since 2010.

TWO-THOUSAND-EFFING-TEN! I needed a calling card. I needed a place to share, develop my thoughts, and elicit crucial dialogues. I knew this. In fact, in 2012 my girlfriend, CMO at SPiN ping pong social club, Amy Chan was all, “I don’t know what else to tell you Devon, but you need a website.” She even laid a one page plan out for me (that I never even used, sorry Amy!) so I could give it to a developer.

Journalists and potential collaborators couldn’t find a place to contact me directly, other than DMing me on Twitter (which, let’s face it, is full of super spam-y and uninformative ‘thank you for following’ auto-responses). I was missing opportunities. I just always felt too busy or focused on other things to get this project for myself done. Ironically, I’ve brought it to life, when I have a 22 month old, an 11 week old, am writing a book, and building a new advocacy-based digital venture. I’m actually the busiest I’ve ever been, and yet I’m getting more done then I ever have before. The question is “how?”

The more I give up on the idea of perfection, the more I achieve.

Things will take as much time as you are prepared to give them. The longer you hold onto your vision without taking action, the more you will consume and stifle yourself. The only way to remedy creative constipation is to put your shit out there. Literally.