brave babe: plotting and planning.

Roe is big into brainstorms — especially ones that involve markers.

This month was about coming together in-person and getting down to business. Though it was a testament to the strength of the digital relationships between my team and I that it didn't feel like the first time we'd all been in one room. It involved scented markers, baby breaks, and many, many brain snacks. Working on something so personally important is nerve-wracking, terrifying, exhilarating. Letting go of perfection means leaping right into conceptualize — a venture of disruption; feminism; strength; societal sea change. Rattling big cages doesn't come easy. I'll be launching this social venture with my team early fall, and since you're in this dialogue with me you'll know first.

If you are interested in using business as a vessel for change and/or are building something of your own, follow along with me here. Each month I'll be waxing poetic with that entrepreneurial realness, which may or may not include heaps of profanities. Having built ventures before, one thing I know for sure? Progress ain't pretty.