testimonial: Zach Berman, The Juice Truck

Zach Berman
Co-Founder The Juice Truck [www.thejuicetruck.ca]

"Devon mentored us through the first three years of our business life. From the vision, to the first day, and from the growth of new businesses, to planning and pondering the future, Devon is our mentor, our coach, our peer, and our sister...she's someone we've grown to love and appreciate like family.

She finds a way to always ask the hard questions, the right questions and the questions we need to ask ourselves. She's able to articulate her feedback in ways that challenge us to grow and leave us thinking about what’s been discussed for the weeks following our meetings.

As our business grew, we found Devon’s ability to mentor us grew as well. Each session was more helpful then the last. We are extremely grateful for what Devon brings to us and hope that we can continue to grow both as a business and as individuals with her by our side."