the juice truck

Founded in 2011, by Zach Berman and Ryan Slater, The Juice Truck is Vancouver’s original Cold-Pressed Juice Company. The Juice Truck’s success began with just that — a watermelon coloured mobile juice truck, and the four-wheel’s loyal following; from their humble beginnings they’ve grown into a 7-figure operation which includes a beautiful retail storefront, and a thriving cleanse delivery service. Join their fan club, and keep it quenched.

Devon mentored us through the first three years of our business life. From the vision, to the first day, and from the growth of new businesses, to planning and pondering the future, Devon is our mentor, our coach, our peer, and our sister...she's someone we've grown to love and appreciate like family.
She finds a way to always ask the hard questions, the right questions and the questions we need to ask ourselves. She's able to articulate her feedback in ways that challenge us to grow and leave us thinking about what’s been discussed for the weeks following our meetings. As our business grew, we found Devon’s ability to mentor us grew as well. Each session was more helpful then the last. We are extremely grateful for what Devon brings to us and hope that we can continue to grow both as a business and as individuals with her by our side.

Zach Berman
Co-Founder The Juice Truck

Inspiration comes in many forms. For myself, one comes in the form of Devon Brooks. Life coach, mentor, friend, they all describe the person she is. It is with her words, her experiences, the silence she lends and the laughter she shares that has shaped the growth of many people including myself.
It is with the company of Devon that I have yet to sit at a table with her and not laugh. Conversations about pain, hardship and sadness are not without her sharing a moment of laugher. She continues to teach this world that being honest about everything in life can have its moments of grief, but if you’re going to spend a day without a smile, what’s the point of getting out of bed.
She is also the secret beholder of some of our smoothie recipes. Much like the coveted recipes for Coke and KFC, Devon holds the secrets to The Juice Truck. Complete trust would be an understatement!

Ryan Slater
Co-Founder The Juice Truck

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BASH + FETE is a full-service event design + production studio; which has been recognized for it's business excellence, having executed events for BONO, Nike and Oprah.
As featured by the Globe and Mail
“Dev has supported me in bash+fete since day one, when I first became and entrepreneur. Her discernment and expertise has helped me navigate mammoth career and business decisions; and she continues to help me grow and develop as the leader of a vibrant 6 figure enterprise.”

— Brittany Wong, Owner of Bash + Fete


“Working with Devon the past year has been a godsend. She's pushed me to leave my comfort zone, elevated everything I thought I knew about business, and given me a new friend. Whether I was nervous about how to handle landing my first order with a multi-billion dollar retail giant, or having a hard time balancing family and work; she's been there to listen, lighten the mood and to ensure me that I am capable of whatever I want to accomplish if I plan accordingly. Dev's able to take my scattered thoughts and ideas and help me re-direct them into something that makes sense - she ground's me in my vision, help me refine my strategy and hold's me accountable to it.”

— Sarah Shabacon , Owner + Designer IWTHD


IWEARTHEHEADRESS Founder made a bold move to follow her mission and play to her strengths, slowly dissolving and relaunching her small business endeavour as Boheme Goods: Vintage and Curated goods with stories and lives lived far beyond your walls.  

Go Sarah!


Established in Vancouver BC in 2015, Kunye works meticulously to sculpt a collection of products crafted only from most effective botanicals, super-foods, and minerals on the planet. The Kunye Way, takes an integrative approach to beauty: considering all the factors that impact you and the way you feel. This line simplifies the science, unearths the goodness, and packages it sustainably — so, you're left with a beauty routine that elevates your skin to its best self: smooth, hydrated and balanced. Plus, everything Kunye makes is waterless: which totally eliminates the need for harsh preservatives and waste-of-space filler ingredients. In other words, these formulas are the richest, purest and most potent they could possibly be. Shop the realness at
‘Devon's guidance has helped me zero in on opportunities to elevate my brand, and direct my growth towards my long term vision. Her insight and council continues to make my goals clearer, and my strategic thinking more powerful.’
— Melissa Nkomo, Founder of


Great hair is a game-changer. Evr Hair, retailer of premium quality hair extensions, is bold about integrity. Evr aims to challenge industry norms, and raise the bar on best practices, in this massive and fast-growing beauty market category: allocating a portion of profits to donate wigs to women experiencing hair loss due to severe medical conditions.  Evr makes dream hair everyday possible. Stay tuned for global launch late 2016.
“Devon’s industry know-how, her unapologetic and fearless outlook on entrepreneurship, and her mentorship style have been instrumental in taking the Evr Hair brand to the next level. Her coaching has given me the confidence to take risks that I would not normally have taken, and my entrepreneurial skills have grown tremendously. With her guidance, I become more of the business woman I've always known I could be. Devon is a natural born leader, motivator and highly creative mind who is committed to, and invested in, the success of every person she works with.”
-Elisa John, Evr Hair Founder


Futurpreneur Canada is an incredibly dynamic non-profit organization that provides financing, mentoring and business resources (like pre-launch coaching, business plan writing advice, workshops and online tools) for aspiring entrepreneurs aged 18-39.

Devon first joined Futurpreneur, at 23, as a mentor — their youngest in fact! Today she supports numerous futur-mentees, and now serves proudly on the Board of Directors, with the leadership of their veteran Chair of the Board, John Risley, O.C (President, Clearwater Fine Foods Inc.)


Women Against Violence Against Women, WAVAW, is a Vancouver-based Rape Crisis Centre working relentlessly to end all forms of violence against women. Guided by a feminist anti-oppression philosophy WAVAW offers support services and advocacy which aims to challenge and change thinking, actions, and systems that contribute to violence against women.

 24-hour free crisis line 1-877-392-7583 

As a Director, Devon spent two+ years working very closely with the board and team at -large to help WAVAW increase their awareness and make important strategic decisions regarding brand direction and community engagement.