-200k+ loan funding secured for 1st time entrepreneurs

-8 yrs helping creatives prove & grow their side hustles into startups

-teaching founders how to integrate social impact into their business  


The Bond — for forthcoming Female Founders only.

get in really good company, while you're developing yours: serious sage + a serious crew. 

launching 2017.


A highly-curated group of ambitious creatives in a facilitated peer-to-peer mentorship experience that's one of a kind. Over the course of a quarter, each member will unpack their business — with some conscious hand holding — serving as an interactive case study for themselves and their peers. A no-BS business guidebook bridges the sessions with tips and coursework, while immersive surveys will help illustrate core takeaways and best practices.  


Because there is tremendous power in the collective conscious. With an award-winning entrepreneur at the helm, you'll get hands-on concept intervention, shape your strategic thinking, and benefit from immersive start-up advisory.  You'll accomplish all this while you meaningfully enhance your community, shoulder to shoulder with entrepreneurs who are rooting for you — the kind of people who "get it," and you.

why women? 

Because when women are primed to use creativity and entrepreneurship to influence and activate each other, we achieve colossal results; and there is serious data out there to prove it. Most def' The Bond is for you if:

you're ambitious as hell;

you are entrepreneurially minded, but lack the know-how;

you're hungry for developmental support and creative deep-diving;

you've got an idea that you believe in & need help refining your concept;

+++ you're ready to invest in yourself. 


4 high-impact interactive huddles, over 3 months, peer-mentoring by yours truly (yep, that's me, Devon). All meetings take place via private video conference links, so you can be anywhere in the world and tap in to your meetings. 

We will:

  • Sift through the stuff that’s getting in the way of business-wizardry;
  • Refine your personal process;
  • Polish your concept;
  • Articulate your magic and shape a plan to bring it to life;
  • Cultivate the confidence you need to take the next steps.


Applications open now 


-This format of The Bond will never be available at this price again, soooo, um, giddy up;

-Applying puts you on our radar, but doesn't guarantee you a spot;

-Everything you share throughout the applicant interview process will be kept private and confidential;


Ante up, in formation: get sound advice, intimate mentoring and meaningful community. Refine your concept, boost your grit and hone in your personal magic. 


Hit that button below to apply for the pilot program. 

$899 + tax , payable in 3 instalments. 

1-on-1 advisory — 80-minute focused support session.

'cause you need some help getting it together don't you?

Designed for creatives who are just beginning their entrepreneurial endeavour, or tweaking what they hope will become a bulletproof business concept and need an injection of energy and unbiased insight. You're nurturing your side hustle and want concrete advice and ideas you can run with. Really, this is your chance to soak up some serious inspiration, gain access to a trustworthy sounding board, and get the swift kick in the ass you need.

You know you need to fine tooth comb through your plan and ideas to get on the right track. This advisory package is the perfect way to get your feet wet and your ducks in a row, regardless of whether or not you're considering investing in consistent, longer-term guidance or have had 'coaching' before. You have everything to gain (like confidence, concrete advice and steps to help you reach your goals) and nada to loose. This should be a no-brainer for anyone who knows they need some support to really effectively, efficiently level-up.


  • your session takes place via Google Hangouts, details will be provided to you via Calendly;
  • sessions are only offered a few times a month and are only available once per person, per year;
  • you’ll receive preparatory homework to help you get the most from your sesh;
  • anything you share will be respected and kept confidential;
  • 48 hour minimum cancellation policy.

Availability: Limited


collaborative ongoing support — get help building it.

you don't have to go it alone. 

By now, you and your concept have some mileage. You've invested time, energy and resources into bringing your idea to fruition. You either already have or are looking to secure funding (through debt-financing, investors or alternate channels) to continue to build your team and execute your vision. You don't just want mentorship, you want to feel like you have a partner and an ambassador.

With this ongoing collaboration, you'll get help refining your plan and developing your brand: identifying measurable goals, weeding through opportunities, and staying accountable. We'll be in this together.

You’ll learn to sustain your momentum, cultivate your leadership approach, and let your essence take the wheel. 

Note: Your request for Long-term Collaboration is just that: a request. All prospects will be contacted for an immersive interview to ensure this opportunity is the right fit. At that point we’ll determine together, based on your stage and needs, what sort of partnership and timeline will work best. Anything you share will be respected and kept confidential.


Availability: Exclusive. Priced according to project scope.

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