brave babe

Brave Babe is a motivational memoir, serving up true stories of deep courage, everyday tragedy, and unconventional triumphs. Bold. Inspiring. Connected. A call-to-arms, and kind-of field guide for women going through tough shit. A pep-rally for your inner voice. For women who are done with being polite when prowess is needed. This book is a seriously candid digest of pivotal moments in my life and hard-earned, self-defining lessons. An honest broadcast from the trenches of ambition, adversity, and the uncomfortable struggles that gave me surprising chances to step into my power and affirm my values.  A story about the people in my life who have shaped my understanding of what it takes to navigate trauma, and what is really needed to nurture true vitality as a woman in the world: a reminder of the strength-of-spirit we need to defy the odds, care for each other and elevate our impact — individually, and as a collective.

Over the years I have spoken events across Canada and the USA, and supported many women who have experienced interpersonal trauma and its trappings. As a result, I have recognized many unhelpful patterns in the way we respond to discomfort socially and personally; bearing witness, again and again, to how these responses hold us back from evolution and from nurturing our own intuitive voice. In the last year there have been a number of reports on 'women's progress' and gender equality, covering positive change, such as increased rates of women in politics and in leadership positions. In fact, the UN has defined the year 2030 as 'the expiration date for gender inequality'. However, what's systemic and isn't changing in our favour is what women face along the way: staggering rates of violence and abuse, and a culture that relentlessly reminds us it would rather us quiet, small and compartmentalized.